Another Idiot Thinks Dearborn is a ‘No-Go Zone’

Another Idiot Thinks Dearborn is a ‘No-Go Zone’ January 22, 2015

If you had Tony Perkins in the pool as the next bigoted dumbass to claim that Dearborn, Michigan is a “Muslim no-go zone,” claim your prize. Fox News may have apologized several times for making that claim about Europe, but the real wingnuts are not only still saying it, they’re extending it to Michigan.

When a “Washington Watch” caller on Friday told Perkins about no-go zones where Muslims are “doing military-type training in Virginia and New York,” which he “heard on Bryan Fischer[’s]” radio show, Perkins said that he had also heard rumors corroborating such allegations.

In France, Perkins said, “they have like 700 no-go zones where authorities have allowed Sharia law to be imposed. There are some areas in this country that in effect that has occurred. Dearborn, Michigan, is one of the places, there are some places in Minneapolis, I don’t think it’s as clear cut as what we’ve seen in Europe, it’s been more by the effect that that’s occurred.”

Hey Tony, come to Michigan. I’ll gladly take you to that “no-go zone” of Dearborn. We can get some great kebobs and hummus. You can say hi to the 60% of that city that is not Muslim and yet somehow manage not just to go to the “no-go zone” but to live there peacefully as well. And then I can slap you upside your empty head and inform you that you’re a fucking moron.

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