British Doctor Performs Exorcism Rather Than Medicine

British Doctor Performs Exorcism Rather Than Medicine January 22, 2015

Here’s a mind-blowing story out of the UK, where a physician apparently convinced a woman that instead of a medical problem she was possessed by demons and got her to undergo an exorcism at his church instead of treating her. A licensing panel in that country was told the story:

A Christian family doctor performed an exorcism on a seriously ill patient after promising he could “heal” her without medication, a medical tribunal heard.

GP Dr Thomas O’Brien, 56, persuaded the mother of one to undergo the spiritual procedure at his local Pentecostal church after telling her: “God is your surgeon,” it was claimed.

During a four-month period leading to the ceremony, O’Brien is alleged to have subjected the patient who was in great pain after stomach surgery to “religious grooming” in which he said the “devil was having a real go at her” and that she had “devil items” in her house.

The doctor further exploited the woman’s vulnerability by quoting the Bible at her, taking her to religious meetings, praying with her at home and even programming her television remote to satellite TV’s The Gospel Channel, it was said.

O’Brien and his wife Tina, 62, also gave the woman a copy of a book he had written with his wife called the Occult Checklist and got her to meet the local pastor over lunch at a restaurant. The couple later pressurised the woman into a signing a document called the Prayer of Repentance, the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service was told.

The patient, who was also severely depressed, became convinced she had been possessed by demons and all her troubles were because of the devil. She was told to stop taking anti-depressants and blood pressure medication and allegedly warned not to tell her psychiatrist as O’Brien claimed they were “very dangerous”. She later told her psychiatrist, who subsequently reported O’Brien to the General Medical Council.

If any of this is true, that doctor should never practice again.

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