Huckabee’s Biggest Fan: Jim Bakker

Huckabee’s Biggest Fan: Jim Bakker January 22, 2015

Comedian Jeff Stilson once joked that disgraced televangelist Jim Bakker spells his name with two K’s because three would have been too obvious. But Bakker appears to be Mike Huckabee’s biggest fan, getting him on his survivalist show to promote his new book and gushing like a 13 year old Beatles fan in 1064:

Bakker was so impressed by the book that he claimed to have studied it like the Bible and practically begged Huckabee to run for president. Bakker led the audience in cheers while shouting “hallelujah” after Huckabee said that he ended his Fox News program in order to explore a possible presidential candidacy, which prompted Huckabee to declare that he ought to “launch the entire campaign” on Bakker’s show.

“I cannot believe how God blessed me so much to introduce this book,” Bakker said, gushing that Huckabee’s book will “save this country.”…

Bakker, for his part, put “God, Guns, Grits and Gravy” right up there with the Bible in his list of recommended books: “If I was dying, this, besides the Bible, is the book I would give and I would say, honey, make sure every one of our children read this book.”

Those are some seriously advanced ass-kissing skills.


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