Cass Delivers Spiritual State of the Nation Speech

Cass Delivers Spiritual State of the Nation Speech January 23, 2015

Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission, who thinks Christians are being persecuted by having to share the planet with non-Christians, offers his assessment of the “spiritual state of the nation” on his website. It’s every bit as absurd as you would expect.

Political correctness and secularism has eviscerated our ability to speak the truth and address the real moral issues of our day.

And yet you speak (what you consider to be) the truth every day. In fact, I’ve noticed that every wingnut who claims that they’re not allowed to say (fill in the blank) are, in fact, saying (fill in the blank) pretty much every day and have been for years. It’s like a guy going to the doctor and swinging their arm around while saying, “Doctor, something’s wrong. I can’t swing my arm around.” Well yes you can, you’re doing it at this very moment.

Disgraced philandering, politician John Edwards loved to wax on about two Americas, and in some ways there are two. The Red State – Blue State divide is very apparent, especially in Presidential elections being decided by very slim majorities in the electoral college.

Very slim majorities? Obama defeated McCain in 2008 by 365 electoral votes to 173, more than a 2-1 margin. And he defeated Romney 332-206. Those don’t look like slim majorities to me.

While there remains a majority who believe in God and who have a positive view of faith, a small but militant minority is hell bent on destroying all vestiges of our Christian heritage. Marxist / Secularists have prosecuted their 100 year Cultural Jihad to infiltrate the media, education and politics, especially the courts, and impose their secular fundamentalism. The election and re-election of Barack Obama is sobering proof of their formidable influence. President Obama even told a group of Muslims in Cairo that America is not a Christian nation!

Actually, no. He said that America is not only a Christian nation, that is made up of people of many religions and no religion. And I always crack up at this rhetoric about Marxism. You know how many atheists are communists? A number so small that it’s too obscure even for the hipsters.

Obama-care is a disaster. Prior to Obama-care’s passage, 90% of people were happy with their insurance. Rather than addressing the 10%, the Obama administration has blown up the whole system in an attempt to impose failed, socialistic healthcare on everyone.

He just isn’t very good at this fact thing, is he? The Affordable Care Act is not even close to be “socialistic health care.” In fact, it is subsidized private insurance that got about 10 million more Americans access to the same health insurance that everyone liked before. And how do those people who get insurance through the health care exchanges feel about that insurance? They like it. A lot. 71% of those who got health insurance for the first time said their coverage was excellent or good. The percentage of all people with insurance coverage who said the same thing? 72%.

Here’s my favorite part:

Stephan Hawkin (sic), one of the famous “new atheists,” concludes; “The odds against a universe like ours emerging out of something like the Big Bang are enormous. I think there are clearly religious implications.”

No, Hawking is not one of the “new atheists.” And you gotta love that dishonest quote. Classic creationist dishonesty.

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