Ellison Invites Perkins to Visit a Mythical Muslim ‘No-Go’ Zone

Ellison Invites Perkins to Visit a Mythical Muslim ‘No-Go’ Zone January 23, 2015

Rep. Keith Ellison, a Muslim congressman who represents Minneapolis, has sent a letter to Family Research Council leader Tony Perkins offering to take him to the place he claims is a “Muslim no-go zone” in that city. He also claimed the same thing about Dearborn, Michigan.

Dear Mr. Perkins:

I am writing regarding your recent comments about my hometown. As you know, I represent the 5th district, of Minnesota which includes most of Minneapolis. You recently said that you believe parts of our city are so called “no-go zones” where state and federal laws are subordinate to Sharia Law. Having lived in Minneapolis for over two decades, I can assure you this is not true. But I would like you to come see firsthand that Minneapolis is an inclusive and thriving city completely under the jurisdiction of local, state, and federal authorities. The Muslim Americans in Minneapolis help make our vibrant and diverse place to live.

If you accept my invitation it may represent an important step toward interfaith understanding. I would be glad to organize meetings with local and federal enforcement as well as community leaders.

I hope Ellison is not naive enough to think that Perkins might accept his invitation. Perkins has no interest whatsoever in the truth, he’s interested in selling fear to keep donations flowing in. He is a professional liar.

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