Huckabee’s Inane ‘Bubbaville’ Bullshit

Huckabee’s Inane ‘Bubbaville’ Bullshit January 23, 2015

Like nearly all right wingers, Mike Huckabee loves to pander to “Joe Six-Pack” and other demographic cliches by contrasting those evil big cities, which he refers to as Bubbleville, to the “real” America found in rural areas, which he calls Bubbaville. And that’s why he’s hypocritically attacking Beyonce.

Huckabee told Newsmax TV host Steve Malzberg yesterday that his critics, such as Jon Stewart of The Daily Show, are all taking his comments out of context and have proved his point that “Bubbleville” — Huckabee’s term for New York, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. — speaks down to “Bubbaville,” or real America.

“The backlash that I have had from what is less than a page of a 242-page book, which is a fleeting reference to Beyoncé, to me validates the very message of the book that there is this disconnect between the cultures of ‘Bubbleville’ and ‘Bubbaville,’” he said.

Huckabee said Stewart “missed” the point of his book “because like so many other people in the media it was as if they read the headlines that other reporters have made but they didn’t really read the chapter and they didn’t understand the context, the chapter was ‘The Culture of Crude.’”

But that isn’t actually what it’s about. It’s only about the “culture of crude” when it comes to those he thinks are liberal. He’s perfectly fine with crudeness by his pals like Ted Nugent. In fact, he’ll perform with them and lavish them with praise. As for Bubbaville, he apparently doesn’t realize that Beyonce is probably the single most popular and beloved singer in the entire country right now. She isn’t selling millions of albums and selling out stadiums all over the world by only appealing to those in big cities.

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