Glenn Beck Warns Against…Glenn Beck?

Glenn Beck Warns Against…Glenn Beck? January 24, 2015

Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush are set to have a meeting in Utah and, in a truly bizarre bit on his radio show, Glenn Beck warned against the dangers of Mormons mixing their theology with politics. Mormons like…Glenn Beck, who has in the past demanded many times over that his Christian and Mormon beliefs be mixed with politics.

“There is something really, really wrong,” he said. “Remember, it was the Mormons, the two Mormons Smoot [and] Hawley, they were two Mormons that brought us the Smoot-Hawley Act which brought us the Great Depression.”

“Sometimes their theology can go and mix with politics and go wildly wrong!” Beck said. “When Mormons go bad, they go really bad. They go socialist. They go socialist. They mix the Gospel with government.”

And here is Beck himself doing the very thing he now pretends to warn us about:


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