Huckabee’s Psychological Projection

Huckabee’s Psychological Projection January 24, 2015

Mike Huckabee appeared on televangelist James Robison’s TV show to promote his new book and his inevitable presidential run in 2016 and he did what so many other Christian conservatives do — accused his opponents of the things he is most guilty of himself.

During an appearance on the Christian Life Today program, Huckabee told televangelist James Robinson (sic) that he was considering a 2016 presidential bid because the country needed to become a “God-centered nation that understands that our laws do not come from man, they come from God.”

“It’s the natural law of God,” the former Arkansas governor said, adding that he was not calling for a theocracy.

“We have a theocracy right now,” Robinson (sic) interrupted. “It’s a secular theocracy.”

“That’s it,” Huckabee agreed. “It’s a humanistic, atheistic, even antagonistic toward Christian faith. And that’s what we need to understand. Our basic, fundamental rights are being robbed from us, taken from us piece by piece.”

This has become the go-to rhetorical trick of the right. Whatever you are accused of, you accuse your opponents of the same thing. If you protest their bullying of gay people, you’re bullying them. If you want to prevent them from discriminating, you’re discriminating against them. If you want to prevent them from persecuting others, you’re persecuting them. And if you want to prevent them from imposing a Christian theocracy, you’re imposing a “secular theocracy” on them.

This is how they attempt to distract attention from the obvious contradiction in their own position. You can’t claim that you want our laws based on God and the Bible and then also claim you’re not advocating theocracy. Yes you are, by definition. So they try to deflect attention with this absurd rhetorical trick.

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