Worldnetdaily Still Beating the Birther Drum

Worldnetdaily Still Beating the Birther Drum January 26, 2015

In yet another example of the eternal sunshine of the wingnut mind, the Worldnetdaily is celebrating the “fact” that their birther bullshit has now “appeared before the U.S. Supreme Court again.” Well no, actually, it hasn’t. Attorneys have asked the court to hear their appeal of the roughly 89,437th birther lawsuit. The fact that the previous 89,436 suits were dismissed does nothing to dampen their enthusiasm. Or prevent them from engaging in this kind of dishonest “journalism.”

Barack Obama has been focusing more and more, including in his 2015 State of the Union Tuesday, on what pundits describe as legacy issues.

He may envision a legacy 20 or 30 years after his White House tenure of a Web-oriented, Washington-centric health care system that efficiently dispatches what system managers believe people need for health care – a quick abortion, dietary rules or a painkiller for a terminal disease.

In that future, he may hope, as a result of his executive amnesty, for a new Hispanic majority that routinely gives the Democratic Party power as the GOP fades into oblivion.

He may even visualize little plaques on community college campuses across the 50 states noting that Americans are attending for free in exchange for mandatory public service, because of the work of President Barack Obama.

Yeah, that’s not too slanted or anything.

The issue arose even as he ran for president the first time. It surged on his election, was on fire after his inauguration and has been in the courts ever since.

The issue appeared to fade after the 2012 election. But a case that originated during that campaign season now has appeared before the U.S. Supreme Court again.

It focuses on whether or not Obama meets the U.S. Constitution’s requirement that a president be a “natural born citizen.” Obama’s response over the years has been to joke about the issue, drawing guffaws from audiences when he says his birth certificate is “somewhere on the Internet.”

But the fact remains that a law enforcement investigation by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio found there likely was fraud in the creation of the image of a birth certificate Obama released in a White House news conference as “proof positive” of his “natural born status.”

The newest case, the subject of a request for review to the high court, was brought on behalf of John Albert Dummett Jr. and Edward Noonan.

The appeal from California’s 3rd Appellate District Court of Appeal was filed by the William J. Olson P.C. law firm and the U.S. Justice Foundation.

And the court will deny cert in this case as the have in every other one. And that won’t stop them from getting all excited the next time it happens. It’s a lot like those endless rallies of “millions” of people storming DC to remove Obama from office. No matter how many times the fizzle into a couple hundred wingnuts wandering aimlessly around the national mall, they’re just sure that the next one will do the trick.

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