Apparently the Bill of Rights Depends on Buying Elections

Apparently the Bill of Rights Depends on Buying Elections January 27, 2015

Over the weekend there was a meeting called the Iowa Freedom Summit that attracted most of the potential Republican presidential candidates. It was sponsored by Citizens United and Sen. Chuck Grassley decided to kiss their ass by declaring that if the ruling named after their name is overturned, it will destroy the entire Bill of Rights.

The right-wing group Citizens United, which brought the Supreme Court challenge that ultimately allowed for unlimited, undisclosed corporate spending is the summit’s principal sponsor.

The Iowa Republican added that “liberal elements in the United States Senate” who support a constitutional amendment overturning the court’s decision will put the country on a “slippery slope” that “could lead us to the abolishment of the Bill of Rights as we’ve known it for 230 years.”

That’s amazing. So was the Bill of Rights abolished before that ruling came down? I mean, it must have been if his statement is true, right? This is the sort of idiotic rhetoric that should make the audience feel that their intelligence has been insulted, but I’m sure that particular audience didn’t feel that way. And what an inane argument. If we don’t allow billionaires to buy politicians, the entire Bill of Rights will be abolished! All you can do is shake your head.


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