Dominionism Openly Preached at Jindal Prayer Rally

Dominionism Openly Preached at Jindal Prayer Rally January 27, 2015

In today’s least surprising news, Bobby Jindal’s ridiculous prayer rally contained prayers and preaching that advocated openly for Christian dominionism, specifically the “seven mountains” variety thereof. Gene Mills of the Louisiana Family Forum was one of those who did it:

Christians have been tasked to take control of “the sphere of influence around civil government,” Mills said, because all areas of culture “belong to God.” Jindal’s prayer rally, Mill’s declared, was a key component of their effort “to reclaim territory that rightfully belongs to God” because “these seven spheres of influence are under enemy occupation right now.”

After revealing that last month, he and other prayer rally organizers knelt in prayer with Jindal “asking God to break unholy alliances” over these areas of society, Mills led the gathering in a similar prayer.

“Father, we cry out for the seven mountains of influence today,” Mills said. “We pray that you will give us government, arts and entertainment, education, the church, and the family. That our ambassadors would occupy the high places. That you would bring us into a place of understanding that they need to be occupied by the body of Christ because it’s rightfully His.”

This is not just about where to draw the line on separation of church and state, this is advocating an actual, genuine theocracy. Hell, Jindal said so in the invitation to the event, which said:

“We are in need of spiritual and transforming revival if we are to recapture the vision of our early leaders who signed on the Mayflower, ‘In the name of God and for the advancement of the Christian faith.’”

That vision was not of a free society, it was of a brutal and oppressive Christian theocracy. In the Plymouth Bay Colony that was established by the Mayflower Compact, you could be fined, imprisoned, exiled and even put to death just for being the wrong brand of Christian, much less a Jew, Muslim or atheist.

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