Is Palin’s 15 Minutes Finally About to End?

Is Palin’s 15 Minutes Finally About to End? January 27, 2015

Sarah Palin gave a speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit over the weekend that was, even by her own standards, incredibly incoherent and absurd. It was so bad that even other conservatives and the people in that audience — her people, by any measure — are now turning on her.

Following Palin’s Saturday speech, Washington Examiner columnist Byron York — described by former Palin adviser Nicolle Wallace as one of her “staunchest supporters” — spoke with conservative activists who attended the speech, few of whom had anything good to say about the one-time GOP star or her speech.

Sam Clovis, a conservative Iowa college professor and radio commentator who recently lost a primary campaign to Palin-endorsed, now-Senator Joni Ernst, claimed it is now hard to take Palin seriously.

“I know she is popular, but it is hard to take her seriously given that performance,” Clovis said. “Palin was a sad story Saturday. With every speech she gives, she gets worse and worse. If one were playing a political cliche drinking game, no one would have been sober after the first 15 minutes of an interminable ramble. It was really painful.”

Another attendee, described by York as “a well-connected Iowa Republican” was less impressed, saying Palin has reached the end of “shelf-life.”

“Calling Gov. Palin’s remarks bizarre and disjointed would be charitable,” he said. “Her shelf-life, even with the most conservative voters in our party, seems to be near the end. In a day filled with strong performances from likely candidates ranging from Scott Walker to Ted Cruz, her remarks were a distraction.”

Writing on the Iowa Republican blog, Craig Robinson said he had a hard time finding anyone who reacted positively to Palin’s speech.

“Of all the people I talked to about Palin’s speech, only one person didn’t have a negative reaction. That person basically said it was a typical Sarah Palin speech. It was received poorly by everyone else I spoke with, ” he wrote. ” I’m not comfortable sharing everything I heard about the speech — it was that bad.”

Could we finally be witnessing the end of Palin’s appeal even among conservatives? One can only hope.

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