European Vacation 2: Electric Boogaloo

European Vacation 2: Electric Boogaloo January 28, 2015

Glenn Beck now fancies himself a movie mogul, so he’s now apparently planning a remake of European Vacation, with himself as Clark Griswold and his co-host Pat as Cousin Eddie. They’re taking their families to Europe this summer before the whole place is destroyed by Muslims and other ne’er-do-wells.

“Pat and I truly believe that we are in the 1930s,” Beck explained. “I don’t know where, but we’re in the 1930s — maybe its ’39, maybe it’s ’35, I don’t know, but history is repeating itself.”

Beck went on to say that if people did not travel to Europe before World War II broke out, they were most likely unable to travel there again until the 1950s, by which point many great landmarks had been destroyed by the war and everything was in the process of being rebuilt.

“Because of what is happening, I believe London, France, Germany, Greece; I believe these things could be destroyed in what is coming,” he warned, saying that he wants his family to see places like Notre Dame Cathedral before Islamic radicals blow it up and France is no longer a free nation.

Wait, I thought France already wasn’t a free nation? Isn’t that why we renamed them Freedom Fries?


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