Fischer: ‘Gay Agenda’ Gives Off ‘Demonic Energy’

Fischer: ‘Gay Agenda’ Gives Off ‘Demonic Energy’ January 28, 2015

Bryan Fischer is mad that people turned up to protest at Bobby Jindal’s prayer rally. In fact, he accuses them of being possessed by Satan and says that gay people give off the “the unvarnished energy of Satan himself.” If only we could harness that energy, we could do away with fossil fuels.

Fischer — whose employer, the American Family Association, sponsored Jindal’s rally — took a call from a listener who attended the prayer rally and who asserted that “the Devil is mad [about Jindal’s rally] and that’s why he sent those protesters there” and Fischer, of course, agreed.

“I don’t think you will ever find a more directly demonic energy than when you deal with the homosexual agenda,” he said. “They’re vicious. They are mean. You literally are staring into virtually the unvarnished energy of Satan himself when you come up against the forces that are pushing the homosexual agenda forward.”


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