Lively Declares the Death of ‘Christian Civilization’

Lively Declares the Death of ‘Christian Civilization’ January 28, 2015

As the wingnuts and bigots (but I repeat myself) compete with one another to see who can be more hysterical and hyperbolic about the inevitable reality of marriage equality, Scott Lively, who is as hardcore a bigot as one could possibly imagine, says it’s the death of “Christian civilization.” I think he thinks that’s an argument against it.

The US Supreme Court has taken on so-called “gay” marriage this session and is certain to declare it a constitutional right UNLESS the people prove by unequivocal speech and action that they don’t want it.

Pro-family citizens need to face the facts. The swing vote on the court is still homosexualist Anthony Kennedy who has written every pro-homosexual majority opinion on “gay rights” for the past 20 years. In the first of these, Romer v Evans (1996), he stunningly declared that Colorado’s Amendment 2, which said homosexual conduct did not qualify a person for minority status in civil rights law, did not even rise to the level of a “legitimate state interest,” and therefore none of the normal analysis of its legal reasoning need be performed…

This article has a political tone, but the threat we face is primarily spiritual. Homosexual “marriage” represents the defeat of Biblical truth in America and the church must not sit silently by and acquiesce to it. In 2015 silence equals death to marriage, and by extension to Christian civilization.

He says that like it’s a bad thing. “Christian civilization” brought us pogroms, inquisitions, witch hunts, theocracies and oppression. May it die a quick and less-than-honorable death.

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