More Ahistorical Bullshit From David Lane

More Ahistorical Bullshit From David Lane January 28, 2015

David Lane, the organizer of Bobby Jindal’s prayer rally over the weekend and perhaps the most powerful kingmaker on the Christian right, has yet another article at Charisma News spouting ahistorical nonsense (the article actually seems to have been removed, the link above is to the Google cache of it). Weirdly, he doesn’t even get the usual wingnut talking points right.

The secular U.S. Supreme Court invented their own theology and religion in 1963, in an 8-1 decision, which unleashed on America a malignant, evil religion: Secularism. It has borne much fruit:

“The distinctiveness of marriage has been abolished (Baird v. Eisenstadt); prayer and Bible reading in schools has been stamped out(Abington, Schemp, et al.); the mother’s womb has become the most dangerous place for a baby (Roe v. Wade, et al.); the rights (but not the duties) of fathers and parents of minor girls have been voided (Planned Parenthood v. Danforth); divorce has become easier than marrying; the Ten Commandments have been banned from public view; and now the natural distinction between male and female is being abolished (Goodridge, Lawrence, etc.). The Pledge of Allegiance is forbidden; the Boy Scouts are under attack; and Christmas carols are banned. Pornography is everywhere.”

I can only presume that the court ruling he references is Abington Township v Schempp, the case that did away with mandatory Bible reading and recitation of the Lord’s prayer in public schools. But why that one? The usual Christian right rhetoric puts the start date at 1947 in Everson v Board of Education, the first time the Supreme Court applied the Establishment Clause to state action. Or why not 1962, when the court ruled that having students recite a government-composed prayer was unconstitutional. If forcing school children to recite prayers is not a violation of their religious freedom, what on earth possibly could be?

And his list of allegedly horrible results is nonsense. What in the hell does “the distinctiveness of marriage has been abolished” mean? Baird v Eisenstadt was a 1972 ruling that states could not forbid unmarried couples from buying contraception. Does Lane really think that the government should ban birth control for those who aren’t married? Nor is it true that divorce has become easier than marriage. And actually, the divorce rate has been going down, not up. And where on earth does he think the pledge of allegiance is “forbidden”? 45 states now require that schools have students recite the pledge every morning. And where are Christmas carols banned? Nowhere that I know of. These are just lies.

“God says” or “man says” is the choice facing America. “We the people” must hold the Judicial, Legislative and Executive Branches of government accountable or be ready to answer to God; this is our point of no return. The secularist ideology is more than a mere political philosophy, dueling for ideological supremacy, it is a Weltanschauung (a world view), a religion. Secularism — the false idol instituted by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1963 — has finally bloomed, blossomed, and produced fruit, it’s stench is nauseating.

No, your insatiable desire to force others to follow your religion is nauseating, you totalitarian asshole.

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