Rios, McFarland: Treasonous, Satanic to Protest Prayer Rally

Rios, McFarland: Treasonous, Satanic to Protest Prayer Rally January 29, 2015

Two of the American Family Association’s resident radio talk show hosts, Sandy Rio and Alex McFarland, are highly upset that people showed up and protested Bobby Jindal’s prayer rally. And those people aren’t just wrong, you see, they’re “borderline treasonous.” Oh, and Satanic too.

McFarland criticized Louisiana State University professors and students who attended the protest for criticizing Jindal’s prominent role in gathering: “This undermines America. This is borderline treasonous.”

Rios, upset by a sign advertising the Satanic Temple — which is best known for taking advantage of the Religious Right’s legal claims on religious accommodation to force states to host Satanic monuments and materials — held up the sign as proof that the demonstrators were demonic.

“It is tipping its hand to the fact that this really is a spiritual battle and we can see more clearly who the enemy is,” Rios said. “This is really, pulled back the layers, we’re talking about a spiritual battle against darkness and light.”…

“This is all about the Father of Lies, Satan, this is really a spiritual battle,” Rios said.

Yes, it’s treasonous to exercise your First Amendment rights to protest. Unless you’re a right winger, of course. Then it’s perfectly fine.

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