Wingnut Offers Dumbest Anti-Marijuana Arguments Ever

Wingnut Offers Dumbest Anti-Marijuana Arguments Ever January 29, 2015

Rep. John Fleming has obviously seen Reefer Madness with no irony whatsoever. On the Family Research Council’s radio show with Tony Perkins, he made some of the most laughable arguments against marijuana legalization ever. It leads to meth use, you see, which has been “proven scientifically,” and will make people disabled and dependent on government.

“Marijuana is a gateway drug, we have proven that scientifically,” Fleming said. “To think that today’s meth user was not yesterday’s marijuana user is actually just a flight of fantasy.”

Oooh, it’s been proven scientifically, you guys! I’m sure that scientific proof has some way to explain why, if marijuana leads to meth use, less than 5% of Americans have used meth while almost 40% have used pot, right? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Fleming also disputed libertarian arguments in favor of reforming drug laws, arguing that liberalizing drug laws will make Americans less free and more reliant on government because people will be “disabled” as a result of marijuana use.

“They say, ‘you should be free to do whatever you want,’ well that’s fine but when society has to pick up the pieces and take care of you and your health and your family and support you through a very, very thick safety net system because you are now addicted or you have poor health and you can’t support yourself, then all you’re going to do is see a system, a society, if you will, that becomes more and more disabled and more and more supported by the government,” Fleming said. “How can you make a libertarian argument for that? But that is the future if we allow people to go irresponsibly into the future legalizing such dangerous substances, which inevitably are going to make their way into the homes and, when they do, children are going to be using them as well.”

Funny how he isn’t the least bit concerned about the cost of the 700,000 or so arrests for marijuana every year or the fact that the war on drugs breaks up families. But if he can find some absurd way of linking it to welfare? Then that’s obviously terrible and must be stopped.

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