LeClaire: Jindal Being ‘Persecuted’ and ‘Crucified’

LeClaire: Jindal Being ‘Persecuted’ and ‘Crucified’ January 30, 2015

Jennifer LeClaire, the completely unhinged editor of Charisma News, was one of the sponsors of Bobby Jindal’s absurd prayer rally last weekend and she is outraged that there are people who publicly criticized and protested against it. Naturally, that means he’s just like Jesus and being crucified.

Delaware Gov. Jack Markell just declared Feb. 12 “Charles Darwin Day” in his state—just because a member of the Delaware Atheist Meetup group asked him to.

Nevertheless, no one is persecuting Markell for his godless move. In fact, atheists everywhere are celebrating and at least one is encouraging other governors to make atheistic proclamations in their states.

Atheists love Darwin and his theory of evolution, which claims humans evolved from lower life forms. The problem with that theory, of course, is that it defies Scripture. God created Adam and Eve in His image (see Gen. 2), not Mighty Joe Young and Betsy in the image of the animals Adam named.

So he’s wrong and she’s criticizing him for being wrong, but no one is “persecuting” him. Now let’s see what she has to say about Jindal:

Again, no one is persecuting Markell for his godless move. But let former Texas Gov. Rick Perry or Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal pray in the name of Jesus in a public setting and all hell breaks loose…

Although disappointing, it’s not surprising that Jindal received heaps of criticism for his decision to host a Christian prayer rally. Protestors gathered outside the assembly center to voice their opposition. One protestor told CBN, “He shouldn’t be doing it on a state campus. If they want to do that, go somewhere else.”

But that was mild compared to what would come next. Right Wing Watch verbally crucified the governor, accusing him of “teaming up with anti-gay extremists and Christian-nation advocates” and “giving them credibility they do not deserve.” Slate assumed The Response was “part of the rollout for Jindal’s inevitable presidential run.” And opednews.com claimed: “Jindal’s ‘Response’ a No-Go Zone for Atheists, Gays, and Forms of Intelligent Life.”

I could go on an on and some of the backlash is much worse than that—for calling people to come together and pray in the name of Jesus. I’m all for free speech and freedom of religion, but it seems some other religions—or the religion-less, secular humanists and atheists—are threatened by Christians who pray in the name of Jesus.

Gee Jennifer, what exactly is the difference between you criticizing Markell for his Darwin Day proclamation and others criticizing Jindal for his prayer rally? Why is it criticism when you do it but persecution and crucifixion when others do it? Oh, don’t bother trying to answer. You don’t have an answer and you aren’t capable of defending yourself against this without sounding even more stupid than you already do.

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