Erik Rush’s Intentional Ignorance

Erik Rush’s Intentional Ignorance January 31, 2015

Erik Rush, the Uncle Tom who writes for the Worldnetdaily and thinks that the big problem facing America is an excess of “negrophilia” (yep, we just love black people too much), is annoyed that President Obama did an interview with some Youtubers and his column about it includes this little gem:

“There’s still biases in our society that, in split-second situations, where people have to make quick decisions,” Obama intoned, referencing police protocols and the stress of their job. “… [S]tudies have shown that African-American males are seen as more threatening, which puts them in more vulnerable positions.”

For the record, I haven’t been able to locate any such studies. I think it is simply a reflection of how paranoid racists on the left think blacks are perceived – but like the old Soviet premiers, Obama says it, and it is truth.

“Young African-American males are typically seen as older than they are,” the Liar-in-Chief went on. “And so a lot of the way to solve this is to improve training so people can be aware of their biases ahead of time.”

Obama’s statement, of course, presupposes the existence of bias – but coming from a president who has always presupposed bias against blacks on the part of whites, leading him to exacerbate every racially tinged issue he has touched, this ought to be no surprise by now.

Seriously, he hasn’t been able to locate any such studies and he searched his entire office for them thoroughly. He even looked under his desk in case they were hiding there. What he didn’t do, of course, is take 15 seconds to do a Google search, much less a search of the psychological literature. There are, in fact, dozens and dozens of such studies. Like Obama’s claim that black teenagers are seen as much older and more threatening than they actually are? Found it in less than five seconds.

Are black men seen as more angry and threatening than they actually are? Here’s one of those studies Rush couldn’t find within a 6-foot radius of his chair. Here’s another. And another. Hey look, there’s another one. Gee, if you actually look for those studies, they’re really easy to find. I wonder why Erik Rush didn’t find them? Oh, right. He didn’t want to.

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