I’m Declaring War on ‘Declaring War’

I’m Declaring War on ‘Declaring War’ January 31, 2015

If the “war on drugs” — read: war on freedom, war on civil liberties, war on the Bill of Rights — didn’t do enough to kill off this political metaphor of declaring war on everything we don’t like, this Worldnetdaily column by Jane Chastain should do the trick. Apparently Obama “declared war” against Alaska by making parts of ANWR off limits for oil drilling.

Finally, Obama has declared war, not on tyrants like Iran’s Ali Khamenei or bullies like Russia’s Vladimir Putin, or even the Islamic militants who are dedicated to our destruction. No, Obama has declared war on Alaska!

On Sunday, just days after Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, released a bill that would permit drilling in a small area in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the president launched a cruise missile in her direction, aimed at locking up the vast oil reserves in the area forever.

Through his minions, the president announced plans to set aside another 12 million acres in ANWR as “wilderness,” which would effectively eliminate any chance of utilizing this valuable resource.

If there is any issue that unites Democrats, Republicans and Independents in the state, it is opening a small – teeny is more like it – area of ANWR’s coastal plain for drilling.

Little wonder that Alaska’s congressional representatives came out swinging after the announcement. Sen. Murkowski, the new chairman of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, was taken completely by surprise. She, rightly, wants to know why this administration “is willing to negotiate with Iran but not Alaska.”

Yeah, because that’s not a stupid comparison at all. *eyeroll*

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