‘Catholic Warrior’ Thinks She’s Being ‘Attacked’

‘Catholic Warrior’ Thinks She’s Being ‘Attacked’ February 1, 2015

Remember that Tea Party-loving “Catholic Warrior” who tore down the Satanic holiday display at the Florida state capitol? She’s pleaded not guilty in that case and her lawyer is arguing that by charging her the state is engaging in an “attack on Christians.”

Capitol Police say Hemeryck walked into the capitol and vandalized the Satanic Temple display, which replaced a nativity scene, two days before Christmas.

When Capitol Police stopped her and returned the display, Hemeryck says she ripped the fallen angel out of it.

“We are not sure there was a crime,” Hemeryck’s attorney Mike Bauer said. “I think this case represents the state basically putting an attack on Christians. That would be her viewpoint.”

Her viewpoint would be monumentally stupid. And if you think you’re going to win in court with that argument, you might want to demand a refund of whatever you paid for your law degree.

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