Dumbest Wingnut Ever Interrupts Muslim Civics Day

Dumbest Wingnut Ever Interrupts Muslim Civics Day February 1, 2015

You’ve probably heard by now about the group of Christians who interrupted a civics day held by a Muslim group at the Texas state capitol, an event where they got to meet their representatives and learn about the government. Here’s what I didn’t know about it. This is the lady who led the protest and, at one point, grabbed a microphone away from a speaker and started shouting about Jesus:

[Christine] Weick, who became a viral video star last fall after “MONSTER Energy drinks are the work of SATAN!!!” was posted online, was interviewed Thursday by a variety of local and conservative media outlets after she took the microphone from a Muslim speaker and proclaimed Jesus as Lord.

Yep, it’s the same woman who made that bizarre video claiming that Monster energy drinks are Satanic because of the logo. And she’s every bit as stupid as you might imagine:

“They came into our churches and held a call of prayer at the Washington National Cathedral – that was a statement that they made,” said Christine Weick, who disrupted the event in November and then a Muslim rally this week in Texas.

“But I would like to know, can Franklin Graham go into one of their big mosques – maybe the biggest one in our country – and let’s have a service there?” Weick said. “Let’s bring in our Bibles, let’s bring in our liturgy, let’s bring in the hymnals, let’s put up crucifixes where we acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord, and let’s go into their mosque and do that. I guarantee you that will never happen because they scream tolerance of everything, and yet they’re not tolerant of us – at all.”

Except, of course, they didn’t “come into” your churches. They were invited in to that particular church, just as Christians have also been invited in to mosques for similar interfaith services. But to a world class dumbass like this, those little details don’t matter. Whatever it takes to feed the martyr complex, that’s what they’ll believe.

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