Bonnie Gets Email

Bonnie Gets Email February 2, 2015

Usually I share the email that Mikey Weinstein gets, but his wife Bonnie now has a book out and she’s starting to get hammered with ignorance and hatred too. Here’s a piece of hate mail she received recently making the “we don’t hate you, we’re trying to save you” argument.


Subject: Bonnie get away from him

Date: February 1, 2015 at 11:09:23 AM MST

To: Information Weinstein

So Bonnie Weinstein is complaining about the so-called ‘hate mail’ she gets from Christians in her new book? Too bad. What a shameless pity party. She doesn’t like it when we fight back against satan? Hey stupid lady it’s not ‘hate mail’ when those of Christ are trying to save her and her kids and grandchildren from their association with the evilest person alive. It’s called ‘help’ Bonnie. Its called caring Bonnie. Its called love lady. You and your kids deserve this from those of us who know Jesus Christ. You know the ones your husband is trying to destroy for his boss lucifer? Mikey Weinstein is a true demon from hell. He is pure evil. He tries to stop the Gospel from being spread to our soldiers. Like forcing the Army to take down that poster for our Lord and Country. Like all the persecution he doe against Christians. Wake up Bonnie! The same soldiers who win all of our wars to preserve this country’s Christian heritage. Look at history Bonnie. It was Christians on the wagons west and Christians who built this country of and for the Glory of Christ. Christians saved the American indians from going to hell and Christian stopped the nazis and commies from taking over the world. Christians liberated negroes from slavery and gave the jews Israel and are the only ones protecting the unborn and trying to keep marriage pure. It was even Christians whom put men on the moon. And now its Christians who die to stop the moslems from beheading us all. The common theme for you Bonnie is Christians. And do not believe that lie about ‘separation of church and state’. Not even in the constitution. Nowhere there. In America noone have to be Christian but they do have to hear and consider His Word. Bonnie you will go to hell with all you kids if you do not separate from your wicked husband. Take a good look at 1 Timothy 5:22 and John 3:18 and 2 Corinthians 6:14. And this is not ‘hate mail’ Bonnie Weinstein. Do not dare to call it that! This is LOVE mail. We are showing truest Christian love. And sacrifice in the name of The Lamb. We are here for you and your kids. We are trying to change your fate. We are trying to save you and your kids from your evil husband. He who cannot be saved. Get as far away from Mikey Weinstein as you can. Jesus is coming soon for him and his followers. Christ will slay Mikey Weinstein with The Sword of Righteousness. Your serpant husband will be cut down by Jesus and mutilated for his evil doings. Then him and they all will be cast wiggling and screaming into the Lake of Fire to burn for all time. See John 3:36 and Revelations 20:14. You still have time Bonnie and so do your kids. This is ‘Truth’ mail from those Christians who love you so much and your kids and grandkids too. You all come to know Christ now.

Yeah, when those people call you kikes and devils, they’re showing “true Christian love.” When they spray paint swastikas on your house, they’re showing “true Christian love.” And they they gleefully talk about you burning in hell, they’re showing “true Christian love.”

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