Pastor Preaches Theocracy to Montana Legislature

Pastor Preaches Theocracy to Montana Legislature February 2, 2015

This is a few weeks old, but I missed it at the time. A dominionist pastor from Wisconsin, Matthew Trewhella, was invited to give a sermon to the Montana state legislature and went full-on theocrat, telling them that they must enforce “God’s law” as presented in the Bible.

“The cold-blooded murder of the preborn, the imposition of homosexual marriage upon our states, no-fault divorce, the decriminalization of adultery, the phalanx of laws created by the State to invade our domestic affairs, disarm the people, seize our property, and harass our persons—all point to the growing tyranny in America,” he declared.

Trewhella then pointed to numerous biblical examples of interposition where the people of God refused to commit evil and chose to obey God rather than men—from the midwives who refused to kill the firstborn male children in Egypt contrary to Pharaoh’s command to Daniel’s refusal to obey a decree issued by King Darius that prohibited him from praying to God.

“Understand, God is the ultimate authority. The Bible says plainly, ‘The Most High rules over the realm of mankind,’” Trewhella preached to the more than 30 lawmakers gathered. “He created us, and thus knows best how we are to be governed. God is the ultimate Law-Giver and Ruler.”

“As God’s minister’s you are to govern according to His rule,” he continued. “You are—as it says in [Romans 13]—to reward those who do good and punish those who do evil. You are not to make law or policy which contradicts His moral law or His word.”…

“God’s moral law as the ‘higher law’ provides an objective standard whereby one is able to discern right from wrong, or good from evil. The ‘higher law’ exists independent of the authority of any government, and all governments of men are accountable to it,” he explained. “It is the tyrant state that abhors an objective standard. It does not want to be accountable. It flourishes in a subjective environment. And that is why you are watching Western Civilization crumble before your eyes.”

It’s funny, we hear all kinds of paranoid nonsense about America being taken over by Islamic Sharia law, but here we have Christian pastors directly arguing for a Christian theocracy and those same people fall silent. Where is Pam Geller? Why isn’t Frank Gaffney or Robert Spencer losing their minds over it? Oh right, it’s okay when Christians do it. It’s only bad when Muslims do it.

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