Perkins Admits ‘No-Go Zones’ not ‘Literally Accurate’

Perkins Admits ‘No-Go Zones’ not ‘Literally Accurate’ February 2, 2015

Tony Perkins is now admitting that his claim that Minneapolis and Dearborn are Muslim “no-go zones” is “not literally accurate.” In other words, it’s false. It was a lie. But of course, he now makes a far weaker claim that he will no doubt claim to be accurate even though it has nothing to do with the original lie.

On his “Washington Watch” radio program last night, Perkins defended his “no-go zone” remark, admitting that the term is “not literally accurate” but that it correctly describes “the underlying problem is the lack of assimilation and integration into the broader society” that is seen in Muslim communities in “some of these areas in this country.”

Perkins then said that he would accept Ellison’s invitation to tour Minneapolis as soon as the weather warms up. Or, as he put it, “Let a little more of the president’s forecast of global warming hit and I will be there.”

Let me predict where this is heading. If he doesn’t just forget about it and actually does go on a tour of Minneapolis (which I doubt), he’ll claim that the fact that many Muslims there continue to dress in the manner of the countries they came from and have set up restaurants to serve their native foods to other Muslims is proof that they have a “lack of assimilation and integration into the broader society,” so he was right all along. Because that’s totally different from other ethnic communities of every imaginable type around the country, for special, magic reasons he can’t get into right now.

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