Savage Thinks Immigrants are Spreading Malaria

Savage Thinks Immigrants are Spreading Malaria February 2, 2015

Michael Savage spreads the myth of the diseased immigrant, always so popular in the right wing fever swamps, claiming that the outbreaks of measles and other diseases is due to immigrants coming here and spreading disease. And of course, it’s all Obama’s fault.

“Immigrants and epidemics – I’ve been sounding the alarm bell on this since I began in radio in 1994,” Savage wrote to WND. “The socialist government, media, academic, medical apparatchiks have looked the other way or changed the origin of numerous illnesses which were once eradicated in our once-first world nation.”

Savage, who holds a Ph.D in nutritional ethnomedicine, continued: “Measles had been nearly eradicated until about 15 years ago. When Clinton busted our border with Mexico, the floodgates were opened to infected migrants. Measles, TB, even malaria is returning! This is a form of medical genocide.”

He continued: “These illegal migrants may have a greater resistance to these illnesses owing to the fact they live in the midst of the infecting organisms. Our population is nearly ‘virgin’ to these infectious organisms. The killer flu raging through our population, measles, TB are all the result of this anti-American government.”

The charged-up Savage finished with an ominous historical analogy: “When European seamen arrived in Tahiti and the Marquesas, they brought with them smallpox, which nearly wiped out the entire local population in only 20 years. You see, the ‘natives’ had no resistance to this disease. We are now Obama’s ‘natives.’”

Wait, malaria? He does realize that malaria is not contagious, right? Humans can’t give it to one another, it can only be gotten through mosquito bites and only in certain regions. The U.S. gets about 1500 cases of malaria a year in the entire country, almost all of it found in Americans who have traveled to sub-Saharan Africa, Asia or the Amazon. And tuberculosis? Rates of TB infections in the United States have been going down, not up. And it’s a miniscule problem at most, about 3 cases for every 100,000 people.

This is just dishonest fearmongering, which is the core of right wing rhetoric.

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