Three ‘Sovereign Citizens’ Skip Sentencing, Get Arrested

Three ‘Sovereign Citizens’ Skip Sentencing, Get Arrested February 2, 2015

Here’s a great example of just how disconnected from reality these people who call themselves “sovereign citizens” truly are. After being convicted of tax fraud for filing fake tax returns for millions in refunds, three of these halfwits skipped the sentencing hearing and played golf instead.

One defendant was escorted out of court by marshals while yelling at the judge. Another boasted he shot a 49 in golf instead of attending his sentencing hearing the day before. And a third pleaded to be set free — again.

During the carnival-like atmosphere in U.S. District Court on Thursday afternoon, U.S. District Judge Christine M. Arguello granted a request by convicted tax cheats George Brokaw and John Pawelski to postpone their sentencing hearings then threatened extreme measures against Mimi Vigil if she didn’t behave.

“If you are disruptive next time, I’m going to have you gagged,” Arguello said sternly as three U.S. Marshals handcuffed Vigil and escorted the grinning woman out of the courtroom.

The three Colorado Springs defendants were arrested Thursday after they failed to appear for sentencing Wednesday. They were escorted into court Thursday afternoon in handcuffs, all wearing street clothes.

“We did go golfing. I shot a 49, which was pretty good for me,” Pawelski told the judge after she emphasized the seriousness of the felony charges he faced.

Arguello reset sentencing for all three tax fraud convicts for Feb. 10. The judge brought each offender into the courtroom separately. Brokaw and Pawelski each told the judge they are a “natural man.”

“I am a natural man, a legal person, a legal man; something I didn’t know before,” Pawelski said.

Brokaw and Pawelski explained that the reason they hadn’t attended their sentencing hearings the day before was that their unnamed legal adviser had filed documents on their behalf and predicted their tax-fraud convictions would be “abrogated.”

“We naively assumed the process would go more quickly than it did,” Pawelski said.

I bet I know who that unnamed legal adviser is (they all represented themselves at trial, which worked out quite well for them). I bet it’s Glenn Stoll, the same guy who taught Kent Hovind his idiotic understanding of tax law as well as the Embassy of Heaven and other assorted groups of morons who think they don’t have to pay taxes. This is not the way to get on the good side of the judge. I expect her to give them the maximum possible sentence now, and rightly so.

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