Wingnut: We Need Right Wing Judges to Prevent Non-Existent Problem

Wingnut: We Need Right Wing Judges to Prevent Non-Existent Problem February 2, 2015

Deranged bigot Frank Gaffney is still pushing a report he helped put together that purported to prove that American courts are enforcing Sharia law and actually proved the exact opposite. He asked a congressman about it and they agreed that we need conservative judges to prevent this entirely fictitious problem:

Last week on “Secure Freedom Radio,” Frank Gaffney asked Rep. Tom Marino, R-Pa., about Gaffney’s discredited report on the use of Sharia law in the U.S., telling the congressman that the judiciary is bending to the wishes of the Muslim Brotherhood to use Islamic jurisprudence in the court system.

Marino told Gaffney that America needs a president who is “not going to step back and allow this kind of activity to take place in our court rooms.”

“We need conservative judges, we need a conservative president who will appoint conservative justices to the Supreme Court and to the appellate court and the district court as well where this issue can be snuffed out immediately when the defendant tries to raise the issue,” Marino said.

I debunked the study in question case by case shortly after it was released. Every single example I looked at showed the exact opposite of what they claimed. In every case, the court actually refused to enforce Islamic law. This “study” just took every instance where someone tried to invoke Islamic law, nearly always in divorce or custody cases, and claimed that it was an example of the courts enforcing Sharia. They were lying, quite blatantly. But since it’s a lie that scares people and keeps the money flowing in, they’ll keep telling it as often and as loudly as they can.

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