The Wingnuts’ New ‘Restrain the Judges’ Scam

The Wingnuts’ New ‘Restrain the Judges’ Scam February 3, 2015

Janet Porter and Peter LaBarbera have discovered the scam that many groups are running these days, getting people to sign up to send “letters” to members of Congress and others on whatever issue they’re all fired up about. And all you have to do is pay them for what they almost certainly do for very little cost. This time it’s a call for a “restraining order” on judges.

The Supreme Court has announced that it will be issuing a ruling on marriage by June of this year. In order to prevent the Roe v. Wade of Marriage, we must act now.

With the click of a button, you can mail a printed, personalized “Restraining Order” to the Supreme Court and every member of Congress with the message:

We the people of the United States affirm our right to self-governance and hereby issue a Restraining Order to the United States Supreme Court and our Federal Courts who would attempt to further usurp:

1. The sovereign vote of the American People

2. Our State Constitutions

3. The sacred institution of marriage between one man and one woman

4. Our Constitutionally protected First Amendment rights

Join us in calling upon Congress to use the authority granted by the U.S. Constitution to restrain federal judges and the Supreme Court from undermining marriage any further!

For $9.95, they’ll send these to John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and the 9 Supreme Court justices (who are insulated from such influence deliberately under the Constitution these people claim to love but know nothing about). For $29.95, they’ll send it to all the Republicans in the House and Senate and the Supreme Court justices. And for $49.95, they’ll send it to all 535 members of Congress and the Supreme Court. Nice little moneymaker. And of course, when you sign up for this they’ll ask for an additional donation as well.

All of this is pointless, of course. Congress is not going to limit the court’s jurisdiction, any such bill would be vetoed immediately. And the Supreme Court couldn’t care less about such things, they don’t have to run for election. But it’s a great way for the organization sponsoring it to raise money and build their mailing list so they can extract more money from the credulous later.

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