West: Censure Obama for Support of Islamic Terrorists

West: Censure Obama for Support of Islamic Terrorists February 3, 2015

Allen West, desperately trying to retain some tiny bit of relevance politically now that he’s out of office and running some lameass “think tank,” told Newsmax TV that Congress should “censure” President Obama for his entirely fictitious alleged support for Muslim terrorists.

Speaking with Newsmax’s Steve Malzberg on Friday, West said that Islamic radicals are running free all over the world because President Obama has given then the green light.

“This is what happens because weakness is enticing for your enemy,” West said. “There comes a time when we really have to honestly say whose side is President Obama on? Is he an Islamist sympathizer? I think that if there’s one thing that the House and Senate can do, they need to bring up a resolution to censure the president for some of these actions.”

First of all, censure is meaningless. It’s the equivalent of Congress saying “we don’t like you, poopyhead.” Secondly, this is a perfect example of why Democrats should not bother to emulate Republicans when it comes to foreign policy, as both Clinton and Obama have done. Democratic presidents often feel the need to use the military a lot and intervene abroad to avoid the Republicans’ ubiquitous charge that they are “soft” on defense, or on terrorism, or on communism, or whatever.

Why bother? It doesn’t matter how much your policies are like theirs, they’re still going to make that argument. They’re still going to accuse you of being soft because this is a marketing slogan, not a serious argument based in reality. Their mythical “toughness” is their marketing brand and they’re going to use it in contrast to you no matter what you do. It doesn’t matter how many drone strikes you order, how many whistleblowers you send to prison, or how loudly and strongly you defend the CIA and the military’s appalling human rights record. So stop trying.

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