More Prayer Rallies Planned?

More Prayer Rallies Planned? February 4, 2015

According to Republican National Committee member Tamara Scott, one of the far-right fringiest of the RNC delegates, several other Republican governors are thinking about holding prayer rallies in their states put on by the same group of extremist bigots that put on rallies for Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal:

In an interview with “The View From a Pew” program, an Iowa-based webcast, Scott said that in addition to Jindal and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who hosted a “The Response” event in 2011, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley “has agreed” to host a rally and organizers are trying to convince Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to do the same.

On her own program, “Tamara Scott Live,” earlier in the week, Scott said that Gov. Rick Scott of Florida had sent a staff member to the Jindal event to investigate the possibility of holding a “The Response” rally himself and that Jindal had approached Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad to ask him to consider holding one as well. Scott also expressed her hope that Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas would consider hosting a rally.

Scott told the “View from a Pew” hosts that such events are needed to save American from destruction, paraphrasing the biblical book of Jeremiah: “If I build up your nation and you fall away, I’ll destroy you…If I’m going to destroy you and you repent, I will heal your land and rebuild you.”

And then when God doesn’t destroy the country, they’ll claim that it was only their praying that prevented it. It’s a lot like the guy who walks around banging two pans together to prevent dragon attacks — the fact that you haven’t been attacked by a dragon proves him right!

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  • thebookofdave

    Meh. Ya seen one, ya seen them all.

  • Apologies for the OT comment, but speaking of prayer, you really should see this article about a different “American Sniper” story:

    And here’s a lovely uplifting quote about some military chaplains:

    “He [the sniper’s first kill] looked like he could have been my father … By the end of my tour, it was really hard to justify killing them. We should not have been there in the first place.”

    While in Iraq, Garett was told by an army chaplain that a stronger belief in God would alleviate the guilt he was feeling. God was on America’s side, and Garett was fighting for God and country. Get over it, soldier.

  • anubisprime

    Out jeebussing’ one and other seems to be a national republican hobby!

    At least they can’t get up to anything else, even more destructive, during the nonsense!

    Small mercy but ya take what is dealt!

  • Oh, and what the fuck is with the ads embedded in the blockquoted text in your posts? Did RightWingWatch really stick an Energy$ ad into their article about the prayer rallies? What’s next, ads embedded in our comments? That would be a bit creepy, especially if the ad placement was connected to the content of the comments…

  • llewelly

    I am just going to close my eyes and hope they don’t do any snake handling.

  • dingojack

    llewelly – I’m fairly sure arch-hypocrites George Rekers and Teddy Haggard haven’t been invited….

    😉 Dingo

  • tubi

    Wow. That’s a quinella that would have broken the track regardless of the odds.

    Which five governors have spoken out expressing interest in hosting this event?






    Branstad might have been the one wild card. I could see some folks betting on Greg Abbott, even though Perry already did it in Texas.

  • What the fuck is a Branstad?

  • eric

    So, a far-right delegate tells us that interest in far-right causes is much bigger than the mainstream media is reporting. I’m shocked, shocked! Hey Ms. Scott, I bet you could approach all 31 Republican governers and they would all tell you they were interested and exploring the possibility. What else do you expect them to say?

  • wreck

    The demons are going to be worn out attacking all these prayer rallies.

  • Too many Scotts in that story. Take one or two and resubmit it.

  • D. C. Sessions

    Too many Scotts in that story.

    Och, they werena’ true Scotts, mon.