Pastor Wants Christians to Come Out of the Closet

Pastor Wants Christians to Come Out of the Closet February 4, 2015

Mark Harris is a Baptist preacher who stepped down from his church to run for the U.S. Senate. After losing badly, he’s returned to the pulpit and is back to spouting all manner of nonsense. After a rant about gay marriage and other things, he told his parishioners that it’s time for them to come out of the closet.

Harris told his congregation that the majority of Americans oppose the legalization of same-sex marriage and abortion but the media are shutting out such conservative views, while judges, such as the one who struck down North Carolina’s ban on gay marriage, are unilaterally “changing the will of the people.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, we cannot believe the lies that will be fed,” Harris said. “Listen, everybody else is coming out of the closet, maybe we need to come out of the closet.”

Yes, it’s time for you to stop hiding your light under a bushel basket! Come out of that closet, because we’re barely aware of your existence, despite the tens of thousands of churches, thousands of TV and radio stations, thousands of newspapers and magazines and millions of websites on which you rant and rave on a daily basis. That’s the largest, loudest and most well-publicized closet in history.

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