‘Sports Ministry’: Bruce Jenner Destroys Biblical Standards

‘Sports Ministry’: Bruce Jenner Destroys Biblical Standards February 4, 2015

A “sports ministry” called 4 Winds is quite upset that, according to rumors, Bruce Jenner is transgender and is going to transition from male to female (I have no idea if this true, nor could I possibly give a shit either way). He’s going to corrupt our youth, dontchaknow.

Many sources have confirmed that Bruce Jenner will transition into a woman on a docu-series this year. Supposedly, the 65-year old former Olympic gold medalist decathlete is happy about his decision. Jenner has been married three times and has six kids, plus four stepchildren.

4 WINDS sports minister Steve McConkey believes this is another indication of where sports is headed after the International Olympic Committee allowed transgenders in the Olympics in 2003. The IOC decision has directly or indirectly emboldened former and current athletes to proudly defy biblical standards.

I know, right? I mean, would you believe that they allow athletes to wear poly-cotton blend uniforms in clear defiance of Biblical standards? And they sometimes hold games on Sunday, in clear defiance of Biblical standards? Hell, they even let athletes worship other gods (GASP!). Because if there’s one thing sports needs, it’s more religious bullshit.

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