Steve Deace: Yep, Still a Moron and a Bigot

Steve Deace: Yep, Still a Moron and a Bigot February 4, 2015

Right wing radio talk show host Steve Deace has a column at BarbWire demanding that every Republican presidential candidate be asked what they plan to do to protect Christians against the “rainbow jihad.” Because if Christian-owned businesses aren’t allowed to discriminate against gay people, they’re being “bullied into submission.”

Every Republican candidate for president should quickly make a household name of a Grimes, Iowa business recently bullied into submission by the Rainbow Jihad.

For the Mennonite crime of telling two homosexuals that they could not get married at their establishment, Gortz Haus Gallery owners Betty and Richard Odgaard have become the latest in a long line of Christians for whom the First Amendment somehow does not count.

Although they originally decided to fight back with a religious discrimination lawsuit of their own, the Odgaards tired of the drama that began in 2013 and in the end were willing to all but sell the farm to make it go away. They decided to sell their waterfront business rather than the pay the mob’s “protection fee.”

They will no longer host any weddings whatsoever in their building which once served as a Lutheran Church, nor will they cater weddings or provide flowers for them in order to avoid future accusations of discrimination. The Odgaards also opened up their wallet to the tune of $5,000 to settle the nonsense “civil rights complaint” they were bum-rushed with.

This begs the question: is there any social force more powerful today than the homosexual temper tantrum?

Hey, how about that “black temper tantrum”? I mean, they demanded the exact same protection against discrimination by businesses and got the Civil Rights Act passed more than 50 years ago to ban businesses from refusing to serve them. And they’ve so “bullied into submission” those businesses that few would even consider engaging in such discrimination (at least overtly). They’ve so “bullied into submission” the American people that it’s difficult to even find someone who thinks that law is anything but just. But bigotry against gay people is still within the range of respectability, though that is changing fast. And just like the anti-black bigots 50 years ago, today’s anti-gay bigots are still trying to argue that their personally favored form of discrimination and bigotry should be protected.

And guess what? A business owned by atheists or Muslims or anyone else can’t refuse to serve or hire Christians either, a protection that Christians have had for more than 50 years as well. So why isn’t Deace complaining about the “Christian temper tantrum” that is “bullying” non-Christians “into submission” to force those businesses to serve them? Oh right, because no one is actually arguing for such a right. The only ones demanding a right to discriminate are the Christians (some of them, of course, not all).

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