Wildmon: Muslim Obama Grew Up in ‘Indonesia or Somewhere’

Wildmon: Muslim Obama Grew Up in ‘Indonesia or Somewhere’ February 4, 2015

Tim Wildmon of the American Family Association, noting that more than a third of conservative Republicans think Obama is a Muslim, says that it’s entirely plausible that he is because he “grew up in it over there in Indonesia or somewhere.” Actually, he was in Indonesia for four years, two of which he spent going to a Catholic school.

After interviewing Newt Gingrich about his recent claim that “the United States is losing the war with radical Islamists,” Wildmon pointed to a poll showing that 17 percent of voters, and 34 percent of conservative Republican voters, falsely believe that the President is a Muslim.

“I don’t know if he is or not, I don’t think he gets on his prayer rug five times a day but surely it’s obvious that he does sympathize with Muslims and the Islamic religion,” Wildmon said. “Maybe that’s because he grew up in it over there in Indonesia or somewhere”

If Wildmon wonders why some people wrongly think that Obama is a Muslim, he can look no further than his own talk radio network.

American Family Radio host Bryan Fischer has time after time suggested to his listeners that Obama is a “closeted” Muslim, while Sandy Rios, the AFA’s governmental affairs director and another AFR host, is so convinced that the president is a secret Muslim that she thinks he sent out Muslim subliminal messages during his State of the Union address.

I’ll say this: The people at AFA may be idiots, but at least they aren’t secret or closeted about it. They announce it right up front.

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