Savage Goes on Rant Against ‘Monster’ Obama

Savage Goes on Rant Against ‘Monster’ Obama February 5, 2015

I still think there must be a secret competition among right wing pundits and columnists to come up with the most unhinged, extreme accusations against Obama. Michael Savage, who is downright deranged at times, did his best on the Steve Malzberg show, calling Obama a “monster” that the nation will be lucky to survive.

“If this country should survive this monster, there will be a psychological analysis of this president, who is a pathological liar,” Savage said. He then accused Obama of “sending Jeremy Bird,” a Democratic strategist, to launch an anti-Netanyahu campaign and of “manipulating an election in a foreign nation.”

Of course, Savage’s claim that Obama sent Bird to work for a group critical of Netanyahu is bogus, but that didn’t stop Savage from suggesting that Israeli officials arrest Bird anyway, urging them to “immediately arrest Jeremy Bird and the 273 progressive liberal Jew-haters over there” as “foreign spies.” He added that Israel should then put them in a prison with their Palestinian “blood brothers.”

Well as long as you’re being thoughtful and reasonable about this, Michael.


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