Shirvell Loses In Court. Again.

Shirvell Loses In Court. Again. February 5, 2015

You no doubt remember Andrew Shirvell, the former assistant attorney general here in Michigan who was fired after relentlessly harassing and defaming a gay student leader at the University of Michigan. He was sued over that and lost a judgment for $3.5 million and the appeals court has now upheld that verdict and lowered it only slightly.

The U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a judgment against fired assistant attorney general Andrew Shirvell, who was fired in 2010 for stalking and harassing Chris Armstrong, the University of Michigan’s first openly gay student body president…

Shirvell set up a Facebook page called “Michigan Alumni and Others Against Chris Armstrong’s Radical MSA Agenda,” which claimed it would “expose the real Chris Armstrong.”

Through the page, Shirvell urged others, via Facebook and email, to join the group in order to “fight against Satan’s representative.” Shirvell took to his personal Facebook page to express outrage when Facebook deleted his “fan page” about Armstrong. He wrote: “I will not be SILENCED by the likes of Armstrong. You’re going down fruity-pebbles.”

The court’s decision to uphold the judgment also came with a dismissal of damages awarded for false light invasion of privacy. The court imposed a $500,000 reduction off the judgment against Shirvell, but he still owes Armstrong $3.5 million stemming from the 2012 jury verdict.

As often as he loses in court, maybe Shirvell should ask for a refund on the tuition he paid to Ave Maria School of Law.

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