William Murray: Run Huck Run

William Murray: Run Huck Run February 5, 2015

The Government Is Not God PAC, run by William Murray, the fundamentalist Christian son of atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hare, has put up the website Run Huck Run to encourage Mike Huckabee to run for president. He’s asking people to sign this letter to encourage him to run:

Governor Huckabee:

I am adding my name to the many millions of Americans who believe you are the best chance America has to have a leader in the White House with the values to lead our nation back to greatness. Your experience and leadership have been proven. As a new governor, you inherited a state mired in corruption, with its previous governor under indictment. You cleaned up the corruption and insisted on openness and honesty in the state government. You turned one of the worst road systems in America into one of the best. This is the kind of moral, honest leadership respecting the needs of the people that is needed at a time when most Americans have no confidence in their government.

America stands at a crossroad, with a collapsing infrastructure and a President and Congress intent on using available tax dollars to buy votes rather than making our nation competitive. Our tax structure is a mess that arbitrarily rewards some and punishes others. We have a current President who in his latest State of the Union Address wanted to further punish two-earner families with higher taxes, and rob from the grave the heirs of hard working Americans.

Enough is enough! America needs honest forward thinking government that spends the tax dollars of hard working Americans frugally with the best result for all. Big corporations don’t need welfare and men and women need jobs not handouts. I know you understand equality while others seeking office want to buy votes with hand outs to the rich and poor alike.

America needs you Mike!

Americans need someone in the White House they can trust at a time when most have a negative view of the Presidency, the Congress and the Courts. You have the moral authority that former hedge fund managers and community organizers do not. You have stood consistently with families in this nation and upheld the natural laws that promote love and compassion for all life, born and unborn.

Americans of all stripes, even those on the left who disagree with you, at least respect you. There is not another man – or woman – running for President about whom this could be said.

I proudly sign my name to this appeal with the understanding that I will be called upon to assist you financially and as a volunteer for your campaign beginning the very day you announce you will run for office. I am eager to help you, Mike Huckabee, to secure the office of President of the United States.

I don’t agree with Murray often, but I think Huckabee should run too. He provides great blogging material.

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