Alex Jones’ Misogynist Rant Against Reporter Who Challenged Rand Paul

Alex Jones’ Misogynist Rant Against Reporter Who Challenged Rand Paul February 6, 2015

Alex Jones loves him some Rand Paul and he’s eager to leap to his defense after the senator faced mildly challenging questioning from a CNBC reporter who dared to ask him about his inane statements about vaccines. So naturally, he went on a misogynist rant against the reporter:

“You realize you’re signing on to a system of murder, you little piece of trash, tramp, filth, scum woman,” Jones yelled on his show on Tuesday. “You arrogant piece of garbage! I’m sick of all you people up there lecturing us. She’s the type of woman that wants Super Bowl ads to say, ‘Sorry you had a boy.’ All a bunch of pinhead cult members.”

Jones also called Evans a “media whore” for challenging Paul during an interview on Monday after he told another conservative radio host, Laura Ingraham, he felt most vaccines should be voluntary…

Jones insisted that Paul was “a good guy” and said that both the Kentucky senator and his father, former Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) had “basic morals.”

“They know how dangerous the vaccines are,” Jones argued. “They know what’s in the inserts. They’re not just going to go along with the system and lie.”

While vaccines were a great medical development, Jones said, they were controlled by “the new world order” and were now being promoted by both liberal and conservative surrogates.

Yes, calling her a tramp and a whore totally defeats the argument for vaccines. Congratulations.

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