Hagee: God is Going to Destroy America. Yes, Again.

Hagee: God is Going to Destroy America. Yes, Again. February 6, 2015

John Hagee, who apparently has a direct line to God, says the big guy is going to destroy America because President Obama isn’t treating Benjamin Netanyahu like the special snowflake he believes him to be. So once again, his big bad buddy is going to beat us all up.

“I am a student of world history,” Hagee said, “and you can wrap up world history in 25 words or less and here it is: the nations that blessed Israel prospered and the nations that cursed Israel were destroyed by the hand of God.”

The Egyptian Empire, the Babylonian Empire, and the Ottoman Empire have all been wiped out, Hagee said, and even the British Empire has been “reduced to one tiny island because, since Edward the First, they have been and remain an anti-Semitic nation.”

America will face the same fate, Hagee warned, because God “is watching what America does as it responds to Israel. If America turns its back on Israel, God will turn his back on America. And that’s a fact. It’s proven by history.”

Wait, the Ottoman empire was destroyed because they cursed Israel, a country that did not exist during the reign of the Ottoman empire? How fascinating. How many times has God destroyed America already? I’ve lost count.

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