Markuze/Mabus Sentencing Postponed

Markuze/Mabus Sentencing Postponed February 6, 2015

Dennis Markuze, aka David Mabus, was supposed to be sentenced on Thursday for violating his probation by continuing to post threatening messages to atheists online, but the hearing was delayed because a psychiatrist wants to give testimony in the case.

The sentence hearing for a man who threatened people online and then ignored a court order by further harassing one of his victims has been delayed because a psychiatrist wants to testify in the case.

Quebec Court Judge Jean-Pierre Boyer was expecting to hear a joint sentence recommendation on Thursday in the case of Dennis Markuze, 43. The man from St-Laurent pleaded guilty in 2012 to threatening eight people for expressing atheistic views on blogs that debate scientific reason versus religious belief and then later ignored a court order by further harassing one of the victims.

The threats were posted on social networks like Twitter. In one posting Markuze wrote: “Die f–cking atheists. I will cut your heads off.”

This is getting ridiculous. He was originally supposed to be sentenced in November, but that was delayed because they ran out of time that day. Now it’s been put off again until at least June, probably later. In the meantime, the guy is completely unapologetic about it and claims he has a right to threaten people and there’s nothing stopping him from continuing. Lock. Him. Up.

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