Shocker: Philadelphia Cops Actually Charged for Brutality, Lying

Shocker: Philadelphia Cops Actually Charged for Brutality, Lying February 6, 2015

In an all-too-rare occurrence, two Philadelphia police officers are being charged after surveillance footage showed that they had lied on their reports to cover up the fact that they had brutally beaten a man they had pulled over on a traffic stop.

The footage shows Officers Sean McKnight and Kevin Robinson chasing 23-year-old Najee Rivera in their unlit patrol car and knocking him to the ground with a baton before pushing him against a wall and repeatedly hitting him. Rivera can be heard screaming throughout the attack.

“He never resisted. He never struck them,” local District Attorney Seth Williams said of the May 2013 incident. “He never fought back. They just started hitting him.”…

But Rivera’s girlfriend recovered the video from a nearby business before the case went before a grand jury. The charges against him were dropped. He subsequently won a $200,000 settlement in a federal civil rights lawsuit he filed against the city. The two officers were taken off of street duty after the video came to light.

“The video undermined every aspect of the officers’ account of the incident,” Williams said.

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said that the two officers were suspended for 30 days, while the department initiates plans to terminate their employment. Robinson and McKnight also face several charges, including aggravated assault, criminal conspiracy, filing a false report to law enforcement authorities and tampering with public records.

Good. More of this, please. A lot more.

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