The Reality of that Dearborn Muslim ‘No-Go’ Zone

The Reality of that Dearborn Muslim ‘No-Go’ Zone February 8, 2015

As wingnuts work themselves into a lather about the city of Dearborn being a Muslim “no-go zone,” a columnist for the Detroit News pokes fun at them and pokes holes in their claim by pointing out all the places you can get a ham sandwich, liquor stores and Christian churches in that town.

There’s a painting on the window of Lile’s Sandwich Shop, left over from Christmas, of Santa Claus toting a sack of ham.

Apparently, the Dearborn Taliban hasn’t noticed. Or maybe it’s hungry enough to overlook a few things.

Or maybe it’s stockpiling craft beer and expensive scotch at Wine Captain Party Shoppe a few blocks up Michigan Avenue, or holding leadership training at B.T.’s Executive Club.

Or maybe the rabid, liberty-stealing, Constitution-snuffing architects of Shariah law in a friendly Detroit suburb are just a figment of some fevered imaginations…

But every time some fearmongering politician, all-credit-cards-accepted pseudo-preacher or even online humorist brings up Shariah, “no-go zones” or ominous “Muslim enclaves” eyes turn to the home of some 30,000 Arab-Americans, half a dozen mosques …

And 55 assorted Christian churches.

And 60% non-Muslim, by the way. But that won’t stop the Islamophobes from repeating this claim ad nauseum.

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