Graham: Secularists Have Taken Over America!

Graham: Secularists Have Taken Over America! February 9, 2015

Always eager to play the faux-persecution card, Franklin Graham told a conference in Oklahoma that secularists have taken over the United States and now control the country. Gee, I hadn’t noticed that. Maybe I’d find it more believable if I had any chance of getting elected to public office as an atheist.

Addressing the crowd at the Oklahoma State Evangelism Conference last week, world-renowned evangelist Franklin Graham admittedly took a different spin than his iconic father, Billy Graham, on the podium and criticized America, declaring that “secularists have taken control of our country.”

The president of the Billy Graham Evangelist Association admonished believers in America for standing by while godless, democratically appointed government officials rip the Christian foundation of the country out from under them.

“Our country has changed, and we’ve got to take a stand,” Graham exhorted the Oklahoma City crowd, according to The Christian Post. “We live in a secular society led by people that call themselves progressives. Secularists … have taken control of our country. And we have just sat back and it’s happened. And we haven’t even realized it’s happened.”

After the NFC championship game won by the Seattle Seahawks, wide receiver Doug Baldwin burst through the door of the locker room and began yelling at reporters about how no one gave any respect to the Seahawks and nobody thought they could win, but they believed in themselves and that’s why they’re going to the Super Bowl. Never mind that the Seahawks were defending champions, had home field advantage throughout the playoffs with the best record in the NFC and were favored to win that game by more than a touchdown.

This is the Christian equivalent of that. Never mind that they are 70% of the population and 92% of elected officials, they’re the ones that don’t have any power. Never mind that atheists have virtually no chance of being elected to public office at any level and that the mere accusation of being an atheist is enough to ensure a loss on polling day, atheists control everything! And their followers eat this shit up by the shovel full, so eager to cast themselves as the poor, downtrodden underdog.

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