Jon Stewart: Vaccine Nazi

Jon Stewart: Vaccine Nazi February 9, 2015

Oh, Jon Stewart went and got himself on the wrong side of the anti-everything conspiracy nuts at Natural News. The Daily Show host’s hilarious riff on the anti-vaxxers the other day got a radio talk show host from that viper’s nest of stupidity all fired up and going full Godwin.

Responding to Daily Show host Jon Stewart’s criticism of both the far left and far right wings of the anti-vaxxing movement, an anti-vaccination promoting radio host compared the Jewish comedy host of being a “Nazi” ready to put the anti-vaxxers in “concentration camps.”

Robert Scott Bell, who broadcasts on the Natural News Network, accused the news and comedy show host of waging war on “all of us who believe in health freedom and healing liberty.”…

Bell took exception to Stewart’s comments, saying, “He’s ready to take us out and put us in concentration camps.”

Stewart “just basically said you people that are not vaccinating your children, you’ve turned your children in ticking biological time bombs and now we have to act, ” Bell said, before continuing his rant.

“This is basically how they said the Jews — the scourge of the world — we’ve got to take them out. We’ve got to take out the gypsies, we’ve got to take out the gays. Now we’ve gotta take out the people who are aren’t vaccinated under the guise that they are unclean.”

Heil Stewart!

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