Keyes: America to Dissolve Due to Same-Sex Marriage

Keyes: America to Dissolve Due to Same-Sex Marriage February 9, 2015

Wingnut extraordinaire Alan Keyes has another of his bizarre, ranting columns about the evils of same-sex marriage. Like most bigots (this is the guy who disowned his daughter when she came out as lesbian), he thinks letting gay people get married will destroy everything good in the world — including America itself. And as always, the circuitous route he takes to get there is downright dizzying.

This observation is not only directly relevant to any Constitutional judgment, it is, by the plain language of the Constitution itself, unmistakably conclusive. For the 9th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution plainly states that “The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” This language may or may not apply to certain rights under human law (like, for example, the “right” to own slaves in Virginia at the time the Constitution was adopted) but it certainly applies to any and all “unalienable” rights, since they are an aspect of natural law without which the “human” in “human law” would have no distinctive significance.

The way in which this bears upon the issue of so-called “homosexual marriage” is plainly obvious. Whatever else it may or may not be, homosexuality is not an activity inseparable from the concept of humanity itself. On the other hand, marriage between a man and a woman (especially in the true and natural sense of the union of their identities in the child conceived by their commingled information) is not only necessary for the existence of particular human individuals, it is also and especially necessary for preserving the existence of humanity as such.

Uh, yeah. Because if gay people are allowed to get married, straight people will suddenly stop getting married and stop having children and the very existence of humanity will go up in smoke. Totally rational statement.

This is the main reason the civil institution of marriage exists in the first place. These days people pretend that serving the good of the whole (.e.g, environmental stewardship) and respecting the good of each individual is an either/or proposition. But as endowed by the Creator, the marriage right is the paradigmatic example of just action that serves the whole while care for each individual as a distinctive and particular whole.

But in respect of the premise of unalienable rights, the Constitution makes it plain that this mutual service to humanity takes precedence over subsequent determinations of right in human law.

Whatever this means for the practice of homosexuality without reference to marriage, it certainly means that no humanly fabricated right can be allowed to deny or disparage the unalienable right essential for the natural conception and perpetuation of humanity itself. Such denigration of antecedent unalienable right would not only be unconstitutional, it would explicitly contravene the aim (to secure unalienable rights) for which all governments are instituted in the first place.

This would be an attack on the people of the United States more grievous than that which led the first generation of Americans to declare their independence from Great Britain. If even a significant minority of Americans continue in their attachment to the unalienable right of liberty (as opposed to the licentious freedom that has, in some quarters usurped that name) this attack is likely to produce the separation and dissolution of the United States, for like humanity itself the United States is inconceivable apart from respect for God-endowed unalienable right.

Let me tell you what will actually happen as a result of same-sex marriage, Alan: Some gay people will get married. That’s it. And when none of these calamitous results come true, the minority of people still freaking out about it will just move on with their lives, with the exception of a handful of serious, hardcore bigots like yourself. But you will then be completely discredited and the only people who will take you seriously are your fellow bigots. And then I’ll point and laugh at you.

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