NFL Player Tries to Win Religious Sympathy From Jury

NFL Player Tries to Win Religious Sympathy From Jury February 9, 2015

Aaron Hernandez, former tight end for the New England Patriots, is on trial for murder and the jury was to take a tour of his house late last week. So naturally, he (his attorneys, most likely) decided to get some sympathy with the jury by adding a bunch of religious memorabilia to his house that wasn’t there before he was charged.

Citing the O.J. Simpson case, a prosecutor in the murder trial of former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez told a judge Thursday that several trophies and religious items had been added to Hernandez’s home since the 2013 killing, and asked that they be removed before the jury tours the house.

The defense agreed to remove the items, or to cover them before jurors see the home during a visit scheduled for Friday…

But on Thursday, prosecutor Patrick Bomberg said he took a tour through the house a day earlier and discovered religious items had been added, as was memorabilia from his NFL, college and high school careers. He said it was added in several rooms in the house, and that furniture was added to hold it.

“It’s not nearly the same as it appeared back in 2013,” Bomberg said.

He compared it to how O.J. Simpson’s home was changed and manipulated before the jurors in his murder trial visited it. In that case, photographs and pictures were placed in the home to portray Simpson as a family man, and a Bible was placed on a table to play to jurors’ religious sympathies.

Yeah, he has a Bible on a table and a picture of the Virgin Mary on the wall — he couldn’t possibly have killed that guy! This just speaks to how deeply we still view religion as an indication of morality, all evidence to the contrary of course.

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