Nugent: Founding Fathers Would Have Loved Palin

Nugent: Founding Fathers Would Have Loved Palin February 9, 2015

As the Sportsman Channel, which is on in literally thousands of houses across the nation, prepares to air an “unforgettable episode” of Sarah Palin’s most recent reality TV show where she cavorts around with Ted Nugent, the Nuge is singing her praises. Apparently the founding fathers would have just loved Sarah.

“Sarah Palin is the perfect example of what our founding fathers envisioned for an experiment in self-government,” Nugent told host Lars Larson. “Mother housewife Wiseau Alaska, taking care of business.”

Nugent suggested that President Barack Obama was elected because voters wanted to see a Black president instead of what he considered the best president. He also painted Palin’s resignation from the governorship of Alaska in 2009 as an act of sacrifice in the face of what he called “frivolous lawsuits.”

“She did the most courageous thing in the world, and she handed her governor duties to the lieutenant governor while she was taking on this hate onslaught of the left,” Nugent told Larson. “So that Alaska would be properly served by someone who could pay attention to the responsibilities of the office of government while she was fighting off the leftist mongrels.”

Yeah, that’s why she quit. It wasn’t so she could start making gobs of money giving speeches and having reality TV shows at all. To cast this as an act of courage is monumentally ludicrous. Almost as ludicrous as a right-wing chicken hawk shitting his pants for a month to get out of going to Vietnam and then later claiming that soldiers are his “blood brothers.”

As for the founding fathers thinking Palin would be a perfect example of a political leader, bear in mind that women didn’t even have the right to vote, much less hold public office. It would be more than 130 years later that women finally were guaranteed the right to vote.

By the way, did Sarah Palin ever condemn Nugent for calling people retards on his Facebook page a few weeks ago? She says calling handicapped people retards is like using racial slurs (and she’s right), but she seems to change her mind whenever one of her fellow wingnuts do it. She hammered Rahm Emanuel for saying that but defended Rush Limbaugh when he did it (coincidentally when they were speaking about the very same people). Apparently she reserves her moral outrage at the slur for when liberals do it.

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