Scott Lively to Run for Congress

Scott Lively to Run for Congress February 9, 2015

Demented anti-gay bigot Scott Lively is a slow learner. He got a whopping 19,000 votes when he ran for governor of Massachusetts last year — .85% of the votes case — and declared it a “great victory.” So now he’s running for Congress. Why? So he can defend Mother Russia. Seriously.

There are a number of reasons why I would pursue Congress rather than a state office, but one of them is my interest in foreign policy and concern about the disastrous actions of the Obama administration around the world. I am posting an article below that closely reflects my views on one aspect of the problem.

I am especially concerned that the Neoconservatives (read Republican liberals) have aligned with the Obama administration re Russia and are jointly waging a campaign of anti-Russian propaganda designed to deceive conservatives into supporting a hot war with Russia.

This is a not only very dangerous game geopolitically, it is robbing social conservatives of their most valuable potential alliance in the world today. American and Russian conservatives could today be cooperating together to roll back liberalism around the world. Instead, the cultural Marxists of both major US political parties are trying to drive a wedge between us with the absurd lie that Russia is trying to revive the Soviet Union.

Neither Russia nor its president are without flaws, and it is as impossible to defend them against a campaign of relentless criticism as is is anyone else but Jesus Christ. That’s the psy-ops mind game the elite media plays: a rhetorical blitzkrieg of misrepresentations, double standards and sophistry.

But if we ask the simple question “Which countries of the world and their current leadership align most closely to the goals of Biblical Christianity and of ideological conservatism?” it’s a whole different ballgame.

If we rank the current leaders and countries of the world by that standard Putin and Russia rank high on the list — certainly much higher than Obama and his version of America. Indeed, is there any world leader speaking in defense of persecuted Christians in the Middle East like Putin has? Is there any other “first world” nation standing up against the homosexual agenda like Russia is doing?

Lively likes Putin because they are the same kind of totalitarian creeps, men who like to lock gay people up merely for advocating for their own equality. Lively has taken credit for the passage of Russia’s brutal anti-gay laws, calling them “one of the proudest achievements of my career.” Gee Scott, maybe you could move to Russia and run for the Duma instead. You’ll fit right in. You’d also have an actual chance of winning.

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